Lord knows I have been tough on Seth MacFarlane for some of his recent machinations around his animated sitcom Family Guy, but even I know how to conduct a proper interview. This Sunday's NYT magazine featured MacFarlane in its "Questions For" column, but it read more like "Inquistion Of" or "Dressing-Down For" than an interview. And imagine, this column is what the NYT's Deborah Solomon gets paid to do. If you think that CNN's Larry King Live is the most inane softball session ever, than reading this hit piece by Solomon on MacFarlane is the exact opposite. Wow. Just, wow. What a piece of crap. It's one thing to have him address criticism; it's quite another to (as a friend of the blog pointed out to me overnight) use more words telling people they are unfunny (and questioning their sexuality?!) than words they are given to defend themselves. At least the editors gave MacFarlane the last words: "Oh, boy, we're getting deep."