One of my favorite up-and-coming stand-up comedians is Hannibal Buress, a Chicago native who now lives in New York City. Last night, he killed it on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and this weekend, he'll be slaying audiences at my original "home" club in Seattle, the Comedy Underground. Go see Hannibal, wherever he is performing. You will laugh! A lot! I think he's one of the freshest, smartest voices in stand-up right now, and his laid-back vibe and insight reminds me a bit of Mitch Hedberg, in only the best ways. Here's his performance from last night's Fallon, with routines about apple juice, his name and more:

His website is still under construction. You can follow my coverage of Hannibal Buress, or follow him on Twitter @hannibalburess. Through the magic of technology, Buress and I happened to both be on Gmail last night when the show came on, and I've included a portion of our chat…after the jump…

1:23 AM me: Morning Joe is setting you up

 Hannibal: how so

1:24 AM me: putting everyone into a nice lull!

 Hannibal: ha

1:25 AM me: not for long

1:27 AM haha

  look at you and Mindy in the green room!

 Hannibal: ha

 me: you can throw a pillow at the camera, but we still see you

1:28 AM Hannibal: yeah

1:30 AM me: it's happening

5 minutes

1:35 AM me: funny funny

  when do you fly to seattle?

1:37 AM Hannibal: in the morning

Go get 'em, Hannibal! Please say "Hi!" to all of the Seattle gang for me!