Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I reported on the official trailer for "J-Stache," an animated look at the adventures of rock-n-soul artist John Oates (he, of Hall & Oates) and his crazy mustache (voiced by stand-up Dave Attell), only to see the video mysteriously disappear from the front page of Funny or Die an hour or two later? Well, kids, mystery solved. Turns out wires got crossed, and the video is back up this morning.

The FOD blog published a note (reportedly) from Oates about it all on Sunday, which began thusly: "Will Ferrell is a kind soul. While I was initially hurt that Funny or Die agreed to air a videotape from my old wingman, Will made up for it by reaching out and offering me this forum to address the public. Will Ferrell, classy guy." And now he's back on this forum, too.

So after all of that, here, again, is the trailer for J-Stache. Was it worth the wait?

J-Stache – Official Trailer – watch more funny videos