Mike Birbiglia's brother, Joe, has been an integral part of his comedy career, both behind-the-scenes as a co-writer and also in the stand-up material as "Joe Bags," the comedian's brother who inevitably adds to the mischief. It's nice to see Joe join Mike in this new video to promote the new Comedy Central tour, "I'm in the Future, Also." It's a phrase Birbigs will go to usually once each show once the audience realizes where one of his stories is going. Find tickets to Mike Birbiglia's I'm In The Future Also tour in a city near you.

The tour begins Aug. 15 in Newport, R.I. It'll be a nice change of pace back to the road for Mike, who recently wrapped up a successful off-Broadway run of his one-man show, Sleepwalk With Me. Now enjoy this video with Mike and Joe: