CD Review: Matt Braunger, “Soak Up The Night”

In Matt Braunger's world, his family would more easily believe he were a ninja, a werewolf, even a unicorn hunter "for their candy-like meat" than think he (or anyone really) could earn a living in comedy. Even after his yearlong stint on MADtv. Hopefully, Braunger's new CD, "Soak Up the Night," will be the proof they need — despite the fact that the Comedy Central Records release is digital-only. We don't need a physical disc as evidence (although note to Braunger's relatives: I actually do have one if you want to look at it). Truth be told, I find it's better to see his stand-up comedy to believe him than to listen to him, so in telling you about his CD, I will be making use of visual aids.

Buy Matt Braunger's "Soak Up the Night": Matt Braunger - Soak Up the Night

Braunger has a strong stage presence, which is one of the reasons I prefer to get my fix from him preferably live, and failing that, on video. For "Soak Up the Night," you'll get to hear the comedian (raised in Portland, Ore., funnied in Chicago, now living in Los Angeles) talk about the art of classy bathroom graffiti, the insane interview stylings of professional athletes and rappers, why Billy Joel's "Piano Man" is not the classic you think it is, things one should not do as an actor in pornography, a re-imagining the comedian's actual douche commercial, and, yes, owls. Braunger has performed on Letterman, and he was a stand-out on MADtv's final season on FOX. I'm sure he'll have plenty more opportunities to shine on screens small and large soon enough.

There is one note I wish someone had given Braunger, however, and that's about George W. Bush's 1976 DUI that came out late in the 2000 presidential election. Bush got pulled over in Maine, not Texas. Not that you cannot take some historical liberties in a joke. But it's recent history! Anyhow. Moving on.

About those videos. Here is an earlier version of Track #1, "Comedians," in the form he described it for Comedy Central's Live at Gotham last year:

And here's an earlier version of what you'll hear on the title track, Track #14, "Soak Up the Night" (thanks, effinfunny!):

Matt Braunger on male porn actors, ruining the film for the viewer (him):

And this would be a 2008 version of Braunger's closing track, Track #16, "Owls." (thanks, Enjoy!

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