Imagine a world in which you can audition for NBC's Last Comic Standing, be ruled funny, but not quite funny enough to win any cash prizes, and then return years later to the same network for America's Got Talent and the chance to win $1 million for doing essentially the same thing. Have you got that world in your head? OK. Open your eyes. You're already living in this world. Because last night, 75-year-old Grandma Lee went onstage in front of the Hoff, the Osbourne and the Piers and nailed her few punchlines, which apparently surprised the judges and audience sufficiently enough to jump to their feet in wild hysteria (either that, or the production company has resorted to shock therapy treatments). I'm not trying to disparage Grandma Lee. She knows how to deliver a zinger. Fair enough. But is that all it takes to win $1 million and a Vegas show? Maybe the latter. Which, by the way, it should be pointed out that in addition to appearing on Last Comic Standing, she won a comedy showcase in Vegas in 2003 — I learned all of this from her MySpace page. Hooray. OK. Now that I've said my peace, here is Grandma Lee from last night's show:

In other words, no, Best Week Ever, Grandma Lee is not "America's Susan Boyle."