Day: July 6, 2009

Iliza Shlesinger spoofs Audrina Patridge Carl’s Jr. bikini burger ad

With no Last Comic Standing on this summer's NBC schedule, we're left to wonder what's new with the last LCS winner, Iliza Shlesinger. So. What's new? Well, it looks like she's keeping busy, and in better shape than ever in this brand-new spoof of the Carl's Jr. bikini burger ad with one of them thar Hills "stars" Audrina Patridge. Here's the link for the original Audrina Patridge Carl's Jr. ad — now see this supposedly "pre- touch-up" version with Shlesinger, and, I think our comedian trumps our starlet in the overall body of work (literally and figuratively). Roll the clip! Audrina Patridge Carl's Jr Commercial (Pre Digital Touch-up) – watch more funny videos Shlesinger shows she'll go to great lengths for the joke. But then there's the flip side of that, in which we wonder (even while enjoying it) about the predicament of good-looking comedians who use their good looks to their advantage. And then that makes me wonder, since when did comedians get to be attractive, anyhow, and is that allowed? Or are we supposed to be forever the schlubs and ugly ducklings? Or, is it possible for a comedian to start out a schlub/duckling and blossom into a...

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VH1’s “Great Debate” week copies familiar concept

Tonight, VH1 kicks off five nights of comedians and celebrities debating pop culture icons in a new series called The Great Debate. Actually, they just completed a live promotional kickoff event this afternoon in New York City's Herald Square, with Ivy League students taking on comedians Pete Holmes and Amy Schumer (and judged by Chuck Nice). The first hour premieres at 10 p.m. Eastern, with further episodes following nightly. Here's a sampling from the fifth hour, in which several panelists offer their opinions on Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Alf vs. E.T., real vs. fake boobs, Jurassic Park vs. Titanic, and in what seems, well, timely and yet also whoops, Madonna vs. Michael Jackson. Watch: If it seems like it's VH1's attempt to put its own "I Love the 80s" spin on 2008's Comedy Central show, Lewis Black's Root of All Evil, well, then you had the same thought that I had. In fact, the show does come from the "I Love the" folks, so it's not that much of a stretch Even if we feel like we've seen it all before. And we...

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Larry the Cable Guy performs for 50,000+ fans in “hometown” Fourth of July show in Lincoln

Whereas many comedy clubs across the country went dark for the Fourth of July, Larry the Cable Guy performed to a stadium-sized crowd of more than 50,000 at the University of Nebraska on Saturday night, in a show taped by Comedy Central (allegedly for broadcast in early 2010). Already, however, Larry the Cable Guy's "Tailgate Party" is available to purchase as a digital download for $9.99 on the comedian's newly revamped website. The Lincoln Journal Star reported that the Pawnee City native's set last more than 90 minutes and touched upon the economy, his family life, Viagra and Wal-Mart, telling his fans: ‚ÄúIf you need to go to Wal-Mart, this would be the perfect time to go. They‚Äôve been looking forward to this because it gives them a chance to restock the shelves.‚Äù It was the biggest non-football event on the Nebraska college football field since Farm-Aid in 1987. The paper also noted that while you won't see many references to Larry the Cable Guy in his Nebraska hometown, you will see plenty of nods to the guy who did grew up there, Dan Whitney, from a couple of street signs to the school's auditorium and town walking trail, where he donated money for improvements. Whitney moved to Florida when he was 16, and has homes both in Florida and Nebraska. Larry the Cable Guy doesn't have more stadiums on...

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Dave Attell: Voice of John Oates’ mustache? Watch “J-Stache”

What if Oates from hit soul/pop/rock duo Hall & Oates reunited with his mustache, only to find it's voiced by stand-up comedian Dave Attell and helping him fight crime and making merry mischief? That's what I could gather from this new two-minute trailer for a possible cartoon series called J-Stache. Roll the clip! (Roll the clip? Funny or Die had this on the home page this morning, and yet, hearing/seeing some technical difficulties as it got pulled shortly after I posted it — please be patient!) UPDATED: The clip went back up on July 21, with an explanation. Sort of. J-Stache – Official Trailer – watch more funny videos The video may be in flux… But you can see the J-Stache FOD page, Facebook fan page, or Ride the Mustache blog. It all comes from Primary Wave Music Publishing (you can see the brand on the hood of his car), which owns rights to some big Hall & Oates hits from the 1980s, and attempts to introduce Oates to a new generation of music-buying fans. About a year ago, Oates told Billboard magazine "there's even talk of the mustache trying to bring new bands into the picture." He's talking about the cartoon stache, natch. Billboard goes on to report that the full animated pilot will be closer to 10 minutes before being shopped to TV networks, and will include appearances...

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