Day: June 23, 2009

Jamie Foxx reunites with In Living Color writers & MADtv creators for new MTV sketch comedy series

This might not be the news anyone was expecting, but as soon as I get done with an obligatory "blame it on the alcohol" reference, it's time to tell you that MTV has added Jamie Foxx's "Untitled Sketch Comedy Show" to its development slate of upcoming TV series (read the press release). The logline reads: "Jamie Foxx executive produces the next generation of In Living Color." And he'll be doing it alongside Fax Bahr & Adam Small, who wrote for In Living Color and are also responsible for The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Blue Collar TV, Chocolate News, as well as co-creating, executive producing and writing MADtv. It had been said that Bahr & Small were shopping MADtv after its demise earlier this year on FOX, but lacking any news to report on that, perhaps we can speculate that reuniting with Foxx on an MTV series will take the top spot on their priority list...

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Bill Murray channels “Caddyshack” at 2009 U.S. Open

The recurring downpours last weekend at the 2009 U.S. Open tournament on Long Island didn’t scare off comedian Bill Murray. During this interview with WPIX-TV, Murray, long known for his love of golf, also briefly channels his famous movie golf character from Caddyshack, greens superintendent Carl Spackler. Wait for it. Enjoy! And here it is, Bill Murray’s “Cinderella story” scene from...

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Ed McMahon’s Star Search legacy to comedy

Ed McMahon died earlier today at the age of 86, and while most will remember him as the affable sidekick to Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show (or as the pitchman for Publisher's Clearing House, or even as cohort in TV bloopers and practical jokes with Dick Clark), we should also pause for a moment to reflect on the legacy he had on stand-up comedy by presiding over TV's Star Search from 1983 to 1995. Among the many comedians who got introduced to America by McMahon and Star Search: Eddie Brill, Drew Carey, Dave Chappelle, Kim Coles, Bill Engvall, Brad Garrett, Dana Gould, Jenny Jones, Kevin James, Richard Jeni, John Kassir, Martin Lawrence, Norm MacDonald, Jackie Martling, Kevin Meaney, Carlos Mencia, Dennis Miller, Steve Mittleman, John Mulrooney, Rosie O'Donnell, Ken Ober, Steve Oedekerk, Ray Romano, Adam Sandler, Frank Santorelli, Sinbad, Joe Yannetty. If I'm missing anyone, please let me know. As a teen, I can remember seeing several of these stand-ups. Aspiring comedians had many places to showcase themselves on TV during the 1980s, but none of those allowed stand-ups to stand out quite like Star Search did. Here is a clip of Ed McMahon introducing a young mullet-wearing Bill...

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Video series: Stand-Up Apartment

This serves as your very own pop quiz on comedy. In the online series, "Stand-Up Apartment," Brown Levinson-Butler and King Ace are two New York City stand-up comedians who decided to turn their apartment into a comedy club. In reality, it's Greg Johnson (who hosts a Sunday night show at Pianos in NYC) and Kenny Zimlinghaus (who hosts a morning comedy show on Sirius XM satellite radio, wherever you have the ability to access satellites). Three episodes are up so far, and see how many of the references and names you can recognize. I scored a perfect 100! But I'm The Comic's Comic. How about you? This may be very inside, very meta, but it's also a funny look at how comedians feel about the show business. How were they tonight? "They were weird." FYI, if you need help, Greg's the one wearing a different baseball cap in each episode. Enjoy: The first two episodes are after the jump… Episode #1 Episode...

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