Become best of friends with BOF

When I first saw Mamrie Hart and Steve Soroka at this year's ECNY Awards, they were the only nominees for best video that I hadn't seen before. That was my mistake. Once I got to know them and see more of their sketches as "Best of Friends" — BOF — I quickly learned why they deserved to be recognized. At a show at The PIT back in March, their two-person sketches were fast-paced and filled with funny moments, playing off of their relationship as best friends; Soroka with his snarky foibles and Hart with her zany physicality. They broke up sketches with a guest stand-up performance and two improvised bits, a very current take on current events with that day's newspapers and a game show with audience members.

Hart told me they've kept some of that in the act, but also added a couple of extra performers to enhance some sketches that simply need more than two characters, as well as a couple of solo numbers, perhaps a dance, and definitely more ridiculousness. You can catch BOF this Thursday (as well as June 11 and June 18) at The PIT. Tickets here. They also keep a weekday BOF blog.

You can also check out some of the BOF videos they produced last year on the Independent Comedy Network. Here's one in which Steve and Mamrie meet their dopplegangers and attempt to top them:

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