It has become increasingly clear that the summer of 2009 will be the moment in which everyone else learns what everyone who reads this site already knows: Zach Galifianakis will bemuse and bedazzle you with his wondrous sense of humor and comic timing.

The New York Times magazine did a big spread on him yesterday; The Wall Street Journal profiled him last week, too. All because of his scene-stealing performance in The Hangover, which opens this Friday (June 5). It's certain to get a lot of new people looking up his stand-up clips. But that's not all. His more arty film, Visioneers, gets screened June 3 at the 92YTribeca. Galifianakis also will star this summer in a big 3-D Disney live-action/animated comedy with secret agent guinea pigs, G-Force. Hopefully this will give Galifianakis the opportunities to do what he wants, and bring more of his projects to a wider audience. If they can handle laughing that much, that is.