Jim Jeffries has his first HBO hour stand-up special debuting on Saturday, May 16, and the network has graciously fed the Internets with a few glimpses from the set, taped earlier this year in NYC. Jeffries, an Australian who made his comedy name in the U.K., is unabashedly not safe for work.

Also, typo alert? Nope. My sources tell me that Jim Jeffries has added the extra "E" to become Jim Jefferies because of the existence of another "Jim Jeffries" in the show business here in America. That may remind you of the time in the 1990s when a British band named Suede had to change its name here because a American lounge singer already had trademarked the name. I do not, however, believe that Scott Thompson changed his name to Carrot Top to avoid confusion with the Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall.* 

Anyhow. Here is Jim Jefferies arguing why pandas are dicks. Like I said, unabashedly NSFW. If you miss the debut May 16, HBO will rebroadcast I Swear to God on May 17-18, 22-24, 28, 31, and future dates. 

*Fun self-referential fact? When I moved to Arizona, I quickly learned that there was another Sean McCarthy performing stand-up who had been there and moved to Los Angeles. When our paths eventually crossed, the other McCarthy — who looks nothing like me and whose stand-up is nothing like mine — boasted he already had his SAG card. No worries. Just one of the reasons I've always used my middle initial professionally.

More clips from Jim Jefferies after the jump!

Jim takes his dad to see Australia play in the World Cup:

His brother shows him how to use a vibrator, sort of:

His theory on studs versus sluts:

He asks why we still have "no smoking" signs: