What happens when a reporter I know writes a first-person column about comedians I know talking about making jokes about their ex-girlfriends, and in at least one case, each other? My head explodes? No. No it does not. Instead I blog about it. The column in the Boston Globe (still in business, but apparently barely so) advances this weekend's AltCom Festival.

It's pretty much a given that a comedian's personal life becomes fodder for his or her material onstage, even for those who specialize in strict one-liners. As with all art, though, the performer usually takes some liberties with the truth to sculpt it into something more poetic, more beautiful, more poignant, or more hilarious.

*And in fact, the oddest phrase in that Globe column, to me, alluded to a completely different relationship that went bad. Only the reporter didn't know she was pointing that out. (Trivia alert!)