Jokespirations for Christian Finnegan’s “Au Contraire”

Christian Finnegan's latest stand-up comedy special, Au Contraire, is available now on iTunes, though you won't be able to see it on TV until May 8 (Comedy Central) or hold it in your hands as a CD/DVD until May 12 (Warner Bros.).

Christian Finnegan - Au Contraire!

Finnegan put together a fun set of videos to promote the special, Jokespirations, in which alter-ego Rolly Chedwick interviews people and dogs who can relate directly to the stand-up material. There are four episodes in all. Enjoy:

Watch the rest, including an interview with his wife's dog, after the jump!

Where do you stand on high-fives?

What about trying to buy sex toys?

And then there is his chihuahua…

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