When I went to grab the video of Kevin Hart's interview the other day, I stumbled across this find from another recent episode of Last Call with Carson Daly.

Several curious thoughts while watching this: 1) Carson Daly did an entire "series" on up-and-coming young comedians, and we missed it? 2) How can you introduce a piece about Eric Price and not mention he is on MADtv? 3) On top of that, how can Daly say this is his television debut? 4) Why would you film a stand-up show in what appears to be a hole in a wall? 5) Why would Price be recording this set, if it's already being recorded…for television? 6) Is that the best the NBC.com folks could do with that tease on the video: "Watch comedian Eric Price do some standup!"? 7) At the end of his set, does Price really perform all of the voices on Family Guy?