Tommy Tiernan performs world record set

Tommy_indo_309559t Move over, Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook. Tommy Tiernan has made their lengthy overnight stand-up sets seem downright miniscule, as he completed a solo 36-hour, 15-minute performance called Testamental early this morning in Ireland. A representative from the Guinness Book of World Records was at Nuns Island in Galway to inform Tiernan and his team of their success, allowing him five-minute breaks after every hour onstage (he also performed three-hour sets between midnight and 9 a.m.). He began his effort at 3 p.m. Friday, sitting only briefly and, according to his representatives, "eating a mixture of pasta, fruit and sugary sweets, he sipped at water and high energy drinks until hitting the espressos on Saturday night to help him through the last stretch."

Tiernan has intended for profits from his world record show go toward helping homeless children via the Galway Youth Diocesan Services, although over the weekend, the board released a statement saying it would refuse the offer because they felt his timing it on Easter weekend was inappropriate. I'm not sure that's what God meant by resisting temptation, but what do I know?

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