So it's early in the morning on April Fool's Day, and what do the Internets do but allow someone onboard last week's Mayercraft to secretly videotape bluesy rock star John Mayer performing stand-up — as he is wont to do in his spare time when not rocking out Grammy-style or Tweeting — and it presents me with a dilemma. Do I share it? Well, "Perez Hilton" already has, because he loves it even when Mayer is trashing him. Maybe especially because of it. At the end, Mayer acknowledges that he knows this is going to get leaked out there, someway, somehow. "I'm just taking ownership of it," he said at one point in the clip. Blame/credit YouTube. So. Here are a few minutes of Mayer's stand-up performance, jabbing "Perez" and joking about the idea of going gay. It is, perhaps needless to say, NSFW. Quite dirty. But is it funny? Let me know what you think. I love his Hot Topic/Hot Pocket line, mistake or no. The New York Sports Club line is good, too. And don't read too much into the class ring bit.