What’s odder: Suggested casting for “Three Stooges” movie, or Demetri Martin’s Woodstock movie?

Trying to wrap my head around some comedy-related news to emerge last night (and no, not talking about the final minutes of Lost, though, wow). So I'm wondering how you feel about these two things that happened.

First, we learned that the Farrelly Brothers and MGM finally look like they have a deal and a cast in place for the movie the brothers long have wanted to make about The Three Stooges. OK. So far, so good. Farrelly Brothers celebrating their outrageous comedy forefathers. So who will play Moe, Larry and Curly? Jim Carrey allegedly already is looking to pack on the pounds to play Curly. A stretch, so to speak, but we can imagine it. Go on. Sean Penn as Larry. There's a resemblance, but Penn seems more the Moe personality. Hmmm. Benicio Del Toro as Moe. Wait. What now?

So, secondly, Demetri Martin debuted the first trailer for Taking Woodstock, an Ang Lee movie starring Martin as a guy looking to make a motel with his folks work out in upstate New York, when along comes this hippie concert and real-life hijinx ensue. Woodstock's 40th anniversary is coming up, so, alrighty, why not. But then again, why again? Hippy dippy. You can watch:

So…which one of these things is odder than the other…which one of these things just doesn't belong? Or maybe they both belong, but just rather oddly so.

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3 thoughts on “What’s odder: Suggested casting for “Three Stooges” movie, or Demetri Martin’s Woodstock movie?

  1. Re: Sean Penn as Larry. Go watch Carlito’s Way (1993). Personally, I think its spot on casting.

  2. Demetri actually looked a lot more natural in that role than i thought he would when i first found out about him getting the role. Good for him, because it seemed bleak after seeing his “acting” during sketches on important things.

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