Comedian testimonials for Jim Gaffigan

I'm slowly getting the feeling that Jim Gaffigan is hijacking my site to promote his new DVD and Comedy Central special, King Baby, and that it's working, thanks to his trip out to Los Angeles to enlist the help of Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass and Jimmy Dore. Here they talk about how "edgy" Jim Gaffigan's comedy is compared to everyone else in the stand-up game:

And here Glass and Dore show what it must be like for Gaffigan to interact with fans who only know and love him for saying the words, "Hot Pockets!"

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2 thoughts on “Comedian testimonials for Jim Gaffigan

  1. I am FREAKING OUT in anticipation for Jim’s new hour long special KING BABY!!! Sunday the 29th can’t come soon enough! I’m having a Comedy Central party with bacon, hot pockets and cinnabons for dessert!!! These 2 videos are genius Jim!

  2. Those videos ARE AMAZING!!! I can’t freaking wait for his new stand up! I have to wait till the 29th!? Damn you scuba steve!!

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