Bo Burnham’s new self-titled CD

Bo Burnham may only be a college freshman, but he already has his first full-length musical comedy gem out today via Comedy Central Records. How did he do it? By becoming a YouTube star. Burnham pays it forward today by showing how you can cash in, too!

The self-titled CD by Bo Burnham is available at iTunes, and fine stores:
Bo Burnham - Bo Burnham

Watch videos for two of the 13 songs on the CD, after the jump…

Earlier: Here is a music video he did for his song, "High School Party." (note: lyrics NSFW)

Or watch him maintain a wry sense of humor live at a YouTube bash:

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5 thoughts on “Bo Burnham’s new self-titled CD

  1. I’m happy for the invention of youtube because if it weren’t for that site who knows if we would have ever heard of Bo! I own his album and it’s funny as shit so go buy it!

  2. Seriously can’t get much funnier! Check out the new allbum, its so funny. its only 9.99 at target!!

  3. Welcome to Youtube is definitely the best song from the above bunch. You guys need to check out his youtube account for other videos. He’s hilarious!

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