We always frown upon heckling in live comedy, but when it comes to college basketball? Just keep it clean. And also, know your target — you don't want to give the opposition the inspiration it needs (not that we have learned that from personal trash-talking experience, mind you, ahem). CBS is your TV home for the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournaments, and this year, in addition to wall-to-wall coverage on TV and online (and naturally, a big ol' Facebook bracket contest), they also have turned to stand-up comedians Owen Benjamin and Kirk Fox for a Web series called Heckle U. Benjamin stars as Chance, a professional heckler. Fox is his sidekick. Chris Wylde and Bil Dwyer also appear in this teaser, which also asks you to enter a contest to win a trip to Vegas or a 42" LCD TV.

The first full episodes should debut in concert with the tourney itself on Thursday, March 19.