Has livetweeting replaced liveblogging as the way to share the experience of watching TV events? If you have no idea what the words in that sentence mean, then, well, let me explain. TV is an abbreviation for television. Oh, comedy. But seriously, Nia Peeples. What happened to her? She was one of the 100 most beautiful People in the world last year, according to People who know Peeples, and I learned that after watching the Flash intro to her site that opens with a quote from Jacques Cousteau. True story! I could not have told you all of this in one Twitter because of the 140-character limit, and that gets me back on message. Twitter! Earlier this month, I found myself among several comedians and journalist types who enjoyed the Grammys even more than usual by providing and sharing our running commentaries via Twitter. The future must be now.

For the Academy Awards, the people who own the best comedy domain name for collecting page views — Comedy.com — and their stand-up comedy blog, The Laugh Track, have set up a group Twitter account @watchwithcomics. Don't know yet who will be participating in that, but if you would like to follow along or contribute your own brief bursts of wit, then have at it. Should be fun. I'm most likely going to be occupied Sunday night, but can tell you that Twitter made me enjoy the Grammys much more than I otherwise would have. Even when the tape-delayed West Coasters joined in three hours late. Fortunately, that shan't be a problem with the Oscars, broadcasting live for Hollywood at 5 p.m. Pacific (8 p.m. Eastern) on Sunday.

And here, thanks be to comedians Sara Benincasa and David Cope, is a way for you to enjoy Oscar-nominated film The Reader, forever to be known now as The Hot Illiterate Nazi. Enjoy!