Will You Marry Me, Andrea Rosen?

There will be a lot of talk today, this day after the Super Bowl, about advertising, and perhaps about the funny people who populate ads, but I'm fairly sure that few of these commercial comedians have inspired someone to write and produce a music video asking for their proverbial hand in marriage. So, Andrea Rosen for the win? Watch:

Peter Litvin is from pop band The Brooklyn Doctors. He tells me, via email: "I had just gotten done making a Michael Showalter tribute song & video and realized that I should fully propose marriage to her through art, which in my case happens to be music/video." And how have people reacted to your decision to do this? "Friends– they all like it. All my fans are into it and
generally think the song/idea is a fun time. Strangers is another story. Mostly people think it's funny and slightly creepy." Or cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs cuckoo!

I also asked Rosen if she knew about this existing on the Internets for all to see. Yes, she does. "He's a fan and he introduced himself to me. I'm more flattered than freaked."

After the jump, a couple of examples of Rosen's recent local and national ad work that inspired Litvin!

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