Comedy Central Presents: Kurt Metzger

Kurt Metzger kicked off the 2009 edition of Comedy Central's half-hour stand-up comedy specials last night, otherwise known as Comedy Central Presents. And I have to say, Metzger comes across even stronger on TV than he did live during the taping over the summer. If you enjoy Dave Attell, you probably shall see some influence in the cadence and nature of joketelling here.  My notes from the taping showed that Metzger pulled down a 29-minute set of dark, edgy jokes for the network to edit down to 22 minutes. Pleasantly surprised that they kept his joke about Heath Ledger, which at the time, might have provoked calls of "too soon." Metzger, of course, took a slightly different tack, by attacking the Olsen twins and their not-so wonder twin powers. It was a good joke.

Here is a clip from the opening of his set:

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