Month: January 2009

David Letterman apologizes for banning Bill Hicks

Will have more to say on this later, but here is a link to edited footage of David Letterman acting very gracious with Mary Hicks, mother of the late comedian Bill Hicks, before airing the Oct. 1, 1993 set Hicks performed that got cut from the initial broadcast. Click here, or watch...

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Dave Hill and Wyatt Cenac chat in an elevator

New York magazine lets comedian Dave Hill interview other performers and put it to video, and what makes it special is how he conducts his chats openly in a public elevator. "Going Up!" Here, Hill corners Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac, who has a feature film debuting tonight, Medicine for Melancholy, at the IFC Center. The conversation takes a turn and targets John Oliver. I enjoy the fact that Hill and company don't mind at all that other people get on and off the elevator. They cannot be deterred from their mission of providing us with chuckles. Watch: Related: After the jump, watch the trailer for Medicine for...

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Friday Face-Off: Sarah Silverman vs. 30 Rock

My friends at Videogum shared this short digital allegation earlier today, in which YouTube user juanjuan5768 claims that a 30 Rock plot is way too similar to an earlier episode of The Sarah Silverman Program that aired on Comedy Central. Watch: My first thought: Meh. This literal take on a racial-facial face-off isn't anything new, from the groundbreaking work of "Black Like Me" to the what-were-they-thinking efforts of C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man and Shawn and Marlon Wayans in White Chicks. Who did it best? NBC's 30 Rock certainly goes for it more than Silverman's simpleton black clown look, although the latter's choice makes the outrage in her episode absurdist. But the correct answer is and always will be: Eddie Murphy in his "White Like Me" short film for Saturday Night...

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Nightline explores “The Economy of Comedy”

Just as ABC is refuting a report in today's New York Times that it may move Jimmy Kimmel a half-hour earlier into Nightline's spot, the late-night ABC news program just happened to devote a segment to stand-up comedy. What a delightful coincidence! Nightline stopped by the Comedy Cellar, talked to Colin Quinn and broadcast economic jokes from Quinn, Jim Norton, James Smith and D.C. Benny, and also ventured over to Carolines to interview Mario Cantone. Suffice it to say, the premise is that when times are tough, people want to laugh. If ABC News would embed videos, you could see it here. Until then, click here to watch the Nightline "Economy of Comedy"...

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Steve Harvey’s new book, comedy tour

One of The Original Kings of Comedy is back on the road in two separate tours, one telling jokes and the other promoting his new relationship advice book. Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" is based on an advice segment from his nationally syndicated morning radio program. Harvey took to the airwaves Tuesday when the book came out, appearing on The Early Show and Conan, among other places. Last night, fans came out in droves to downtown Brooklyn's Barnes & Noble to see him (right), so many that several uniformed police officers kept the peace both inside and outside the bookstore. Harvey's book tour continues tonight in Pennsylvania and then ventures south. His "Tear Your Mouth Out" comedy tour has seven stops this winter and spring. Related: Unfortunately, HarperCollins didn't get the book title in its own Web address, because an "e-book" author already has it. Don't confuse one for the...

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