Katt Williams stars in a low-budget straight-to-DVD written by Romeo and directed by Master P?

Katt Williams may be laying low this holiday season, both personally and professionally, which partially explains why reader/tipster Lady Di found he's starring in a movie virtually no one has heard about and, if not for the Internet, perhaps no one would. It's called Internet Dating, and it's headed straight to DVD on Dec. 30, which is odd enough, until you watch the trailer and find out that Romeo (formerly Lil Romeo) wrote the movie, papa Master P directed, and despite them having many millions of dollars at their disposal, didn't seem to spend more than a few of them on the project. Low budget? Checkity check. Reynaldo Rey also appears. Looks like an idea for an online viral video that actually caught a virus. If you shan't believe it until you see it, then watch this trailer and make a believer out of yourself:

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2 thoughts on “Katt Williams stars in a low-budget straight-to-DVD written by Romeo and directed by Master P?

  1. I’m so late in seeing this but I appreciate the linkage as you know Mr. Comic’s Comic. (blush) I did in fact watch the film (coughonlinecough) and it was a true Master P PRODUCTion. If he did it any other way, his name would be far removed from it. It is funny because of Katt in some parts but the movie is very aloof to say the least. The actors NEVER gel and this hurts what could have been a funnier subject matter. Katt’s hair had a life of it’s own, which no doubt added some unnecessary but much needed humor.
    I started a Bloopers, Continuity and Trivia post on the IMDb.com. Heck, by the time we finish, it’ll be so chopped and screwed we won’t have film left. Master P’s S2DVD releases are train wrecks you shouldn’t stare at but you can’t help it to do so. I think he purposely keeps the budget low because he wants all the checks. Some of those names in the credits are like… come on I bet that’s a Percy Miller alter ego. You would think this many flicks in he would at least get the sound straight.
    At any rate, Katt’s been in another unheard of straight to DVD flick called ‘It Ain’t Easy’ about what else – PIMPS. And then there’s the IMDb unknown ‘Young American Gangsta’ or ‘Steel Here’ whichever title comes to DVD first. HollyhoodCinema.com is where you can check that info and a trailer about that last flick I mentioned.
    Thank you once again and do continue to enjoy your holiday!!
    PS – what do you think of the Steve Harvey/Katt Williams “comedy beef”? I Blogged about that too. Wait… maybe I should read your Blog to see if you already addressed it… (off to peep around)

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