R.I.P. Super Deluxe

If you click on Super Deluxe today, you'll notice that the site and most of its videos are now gone, dead and buried, save for five franchises that get forwarded along to a page within the Turner Broadcasting's Adult Swim universe. We knew this was coming for months, certainly, but it's still a hard fact to acknowledge not only for the many comedians who got paid to produce original online videos, but also for anyone who wonders about the future success of online comedy sites. Funny or Die continues to exist based upon the largess of its celebrity owners and cameos, as well as its partnership with HBO, while CollegeHumor can rest slightly easier knowing it'll have its own MTV show in 2009. But Super Deluxe, which only came into existence nearly two years ago, arrived with such promise that its failure (did it really fail, though? discuss) is troubling for anyone hoping to shine a light on deserving up-and-coming comedic talent. Unless those talents appeal specfically to teen boys, in which case, they shall carry on with Adult Swim. Where does that leave us grown-ups?

Sean L. McCarthy

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