Rob Corddry talks up Childrens Hospital

Only a few days before Childrens' Hospital, the new madcap online series spoof from Rob Corddry, debuts on (all 10 episodes go online Monday, Dec. 8), so Corddry has opened up the floor for some general hospital questions.

Yes, LA Weekly? Go ahead.

What can you tell me about your character?

I play
Dr. Blake Downs. I actually play Cutter Spindel, the actor who plays
Dr. Blake Downs. In one episode, my character, Cutter Spindel, acts,
writes and directs a very special episode of Children's Hospital. He is
a clown doctor. Episode Five is sort of his origin story. In this
world, clowns are not unlike gays, a still marginalized faction of
society who have to create their communities and really try to be who
they are, which are clowns. This guy finds his way to a hospital and
had, I imagine, a very successful early career, using only the healing
power of laughter to save lives, but now he sort of lost his way, i.e.,
turned into a huge dick. There are rumors of a spinoff with my
character, Dr. Blake Downs, M.D.

CollegeHumor, did you have a question? Alrighty then…

This show has a bunch of well-known people in it. Were they all
looking for something like this or did you just start calling your
famous friends until you had a full cast?

Yeah, everybody was totally clamoring to get on a Rob Corddry internet
vehicle. No, exactly that. I called my friends– not so much my famous
friends as much as my funniest friends, you know what I mean?

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