Nominations open for 2008 ECNY Awards

The Apiary announces that The ECNY Awards, originally devised to reward and honor "emerging comics" in the New York scene and relaunched last year with rousing success and a rollicking show that brought the community together, is back for another go, with nominations open for the 2008 awards. Winners will be revealed live during the special ECNY Awards showcase on March 9, 2009, at Comix. The categories include: Best Female Standup Comedian; Best Host; Best Improv Group; Best Male Standup Comedian; Best Musical Comedy Act
(Solo or Group); Best One Person Show; Best Sketch Comedy Group; Best Technician; Best Variety Show; Emerging Comic Award; Outstanding Achievement in Flyer or Postcard Design; Best Website; and Best
Performance in a Commercial or Episode of Law & Order. Don’t you just love that last new addition to the categories? Only in New York. I’m proud to support these guys and gals. So go and submit your ECNY nominations now! Or at least by Dec. 19.

So, what qualifies you or your favorite funny person for an ECNY?

From the Website, that FAQ is A’d: "To be eligible you have to live
most of the year in the New York City
area and perform the majority of your shows or do most of your work in
the region. Once you make your living in a particular category you are
no longer eligible. That means that professional stand-up comedians can
still be eligible in other categories, say as a member of an improv
group that doesn’t generate enough income to support its members full
time." Anyone can submit nominations until Dec. 19, at which point the
ECNY producers (Jon Friedman (The Rejection Show), Alex Goldberg (Fearsome), Carol Hartsell (Drink at Work), Nate Sloan (The Apiary), and Alexander Zalben (Elephant Larry)) then ask a hand-picked "Industry Committee" (The
Comic’s Comic served dutifully last year) that votes on these to
determine finalists in each category. Then the public votes again
online, and their votes plus revotes by the "IC" are combined to pick
the winners.

Good luck, everyone!

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