SNL Weekend Update Thursday #1.3, with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey

Well, well, well. SNL took off the gloves last night and went straight for the funny jugular, with Will Ferrell jump-starting the cold open sketch as President George W. Bush, trying his darnedest to offer a primetime endorsement to John McCain (Darrell Hammond) and Sarah Palin (Tina Fey), thereby letting us all know where SNL stands on this election. Or at least where the Funny or Die guys stand. A vote for McCain-Palin is a vote for Bush. Also, a gentle reminder that Ferrell is coming to Broadway next year for a one-man show! The rest of the half-hour was pretty hilarious, actually. Even in the open, Fey shows some leg, which is always appreciated, and Hammond had little to do but made the most of his part, if you could look at him long enough in the sketch to catch his silent blinking rage. In the Weekend Update Thursday part, we saw the return of Kenan Thompson’s Oscar Rogers, which might have seemed not necessary, except for the fact that in the past two weeks, the country hasn’t done the one thing they need to do with the economy: Fix it! Also, Fred Armisen had lots of fun mocking CNN’s magic election map screen. And they finally brought in a digital short to the Thursday half-hour, allowing Andy Samberg to "Jam the Vote." It was weird, but weird is good in these cases. Nice job, people. See you Saturday! If you want to watch the whole thing, it’s on NBC here or via Hulu right here:

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