Good or bad? Sarah Silverman in the news

Sarah Silverman certainly has garnered plenty of headlines in the past week or two, and they have varied so wildly you’d think I could have titled this post The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. For those of you who need catching up, follow me…

Two weeks ago, Silverman’s Comedy Central program began its third season, which prompted a series of interviews and promotional appearances. She also appeared in a video pushing "The Great Schlep" asking young Jews to visit their grandparents in Florida and convince them to vote for Barack Obama for president. Combined, that got Silverman profiled again in The New York Times. She also appeared on David Letterman’s show and got the CBS Sunday Morning profile treatment from Katie Couric.

David Letterman, NYC clubs, Sunday morning interview with Katie Couric
then off to the U.K. to promote the DVD release of Jesus is Magic, TV appearances and a live show at the Hammersmith Apollo that had critics grumbling
Steve Agee, who performs on Silverman’s Comedy Central show and literally had to phone it in for Sunday’s U.K. show due to illness, went on the message boards at A Special Thing to defend Silverman.

Today’s edition of The Guardian tries to sort through all of the U.K. reviews.

Let me add my two cents with another example: Ricky Gervais. Earlier this year, Gervais performed three shows at the Madison Square Garden theater taping his first HBO stand-up special. Practically all the material he performed for the special, which debuts on TV in November, already appears on his three U.K. specials. Should we boo Gervais for that? Should we take him to task for it? In his mind, certainly, he’s treating this special as his formal introduction as a stand-up comedian to American audiences. But Americans who already adore Gervais probably have sought out and heard this material. Which puts them in the same boat as the British fans of Silverman who wondered why she didn’t deliver more new jokes for them. That, combined with a short running time for a theater show, likely made some fans feel shortchanged. Literally.

Videos to get you caught up after the jump…

Grainy footage of Silverman’s "encore" in London:

Silverman on London chat show with Jonathan Ross (and other guests Ricky Gervais and Gordon Ramsay):

Silverman on Letterman:

Silverman on The Great Schlep:

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