Last night’s The Late Show with David Letterman was a real winner, with several segments of serious talk time with former President Bill Clinton, followed by a discussion with Chris Rock, who ably poked fun at the Clintons before promoting his upcoming HBO special, Kill The Messenger (debuts 9 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27). "All around the world," Rock said. "New York, Johannesburg and London. And then we cut it so it looks like one special. If your eyes are closed you can’t really tell. It’s like white people laughing at stuff in London, and then black people laughing at that exact same joke in Harlem. It’s kinda cool."

What did he learn? "Here’s the thing they’re not telling you about the economy. The dollar is worthless…I gave a lady $3,000 American dollars. I figured there’s going to be some happy strippers when I leave London, right? (laughter)…She gave me back a loaf of bread." What else? "I learned people are the same everywhere, Dave. Wherever you go, Dave, they are the exact same people. People love Carrot Top all over the world, Dave."