“Jerry O’Hearn” asks SNL’s “Nicholas Fein” to “cease and desist”!

Political comedian "Jerry O’Hearn" asked Andy Daly to circulate this press release, and let’s help a guy out, right? Right. So here it is…in its entirety, reprinted from Daly’s post to the AST message boards:

(related: Andy Daly’s new CD, Nine Sweaters, became available Sept. 9)



Los Angeles –Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but
LA-based tell-it-like-it-is standup comic Jerry O’Hearn doesn’t sound
flattered when he talks about a particular segment on this week’s
season premier of Saturday Night Live. He’s so steamed in fact, that
this laughing matter has now become a legal matter.

The offending piece featured a political comedian named Nicholas Fehn
whose material was immediately all too familiar to Mr. O’Hearn. And
O’Hearn has some typically pointed words for Mr. Fehn. “I mean, this is
really one of those things where you’re like ‘hey wait a minute. Excuse
me!’ because I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned, it’s
like ‘really?! Who said so?”, said O’Hearn in his usual
take-no-prisoners style. “One minute I’m sitting there and it’s like
‘okay’ and the next minute I’m like ‘this type of thing is like you
gotta be kidding me!”.

Ouch!  Fehn can’t enjoy being skewered by a skillfully executed barrage of carefully chosen words like that.

According to Bang Bang Ellington, Mr. O’Hearn’s attorney, Jerry
performed around Los Angeles for two years before his insightful brand
of humor exploded into the national spotlight on the Comedy Death Ray
album which was released in September 2007 (due to a typographical
error, his set was attributed to fellow LA-based comic Andy Daly). Fehn
made his SNL debut in October of that same year and, according to
Elllington, the similarities were unmistakable.

“My client has spent a long time developing his laser-sharp social
commentary. He has meticulously crafted flawless set-ups and
rapier-like punch lines. Then to see them coming out of the mouth of
another guy on Saturday Night Live, that’s probably against some kind
of law, right?” said Mr. Ellington when reached at a payphone.

This latest set-back notwithstanding, O’Hearn’s career appears to be on
the rise. He makes a special appearance as a bonus track on Andy Daly’s
new AST Records release Nine Sweaters, where his devastating crowd work
skills get a work-out, and he’s in talks to contribute to The New
Yorker Magazine’s Shouts and Murmurs feature.

When asked about their chances of preventing another performance by
Nicholas Fehn, Mr. Ellington said “I think my client put it best when
he said ‘the last time I checked it was supposed to be the sort of
thing where you go “hm. Okay”. I mean, what is this, a long time ago?’”

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