“Shoe Circus,” the Seinfeld-Bill Gates Microsoft ad

So you may have heard that Microsoft would pay comedian Jerry Seinfeld a gabunch of money (gabunch is a technical term meaning roughly $10 million) to help promote Windows and Vista and everything else Microsoft. Last night, the first ad debuted. It’s 90 seconds, which is an eternity in TV commercial timespans. But more importantly, we should note that it’s Microsoft’s founding poobah, Bill Gates, who makes the ad worth repeat viewing. This is how I’ve always imagined the super-rich walk through life, only funnier, because it’s my imagination, remember. You can view it best at Microsoft’s Windows site. Obviously. They’ve also uploaded it YouTube (along with several other copycatters). Churros, anyone?

Sean L. McCarthy

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4 thoughts on ““Shoe Circus,” the Seinfeld-Bill Gates Microsoft ad

  1. People seem to be poo-pooing this around the web today. Nonsense, they say. No point, they say. Waste of money, they say. Well, everyone is talking about it, so I’d say mission accomplished. Plus I think it is funny.

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