Only a few days before Seth MacFarlane’s latest animated venture, his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, debuts online Sept. 10 in Google Ads with an assist by Burger King. Two teasers went up on Seth’s YouTube channel. There also promises to be a Seth blog and Cavalcade newsletter. Judging from this tease, the short format certainly plays to MacFarlane’s short-attention span, rapid-fire delivery of jokes that you’d find on Family Guy. Do they all work? Um, no. Leading off with a simple play on the famous lyric, "I Shot The Sheriff," doesn’t help win fans. But blink and it’s on to the next quick quip. They can be offensive. They can be bizarre. In other words, just what you’re looking for from MacFarlane, right? Watch this tease for a better idea:

Related: New York Times report on the deal, which puts the BK-sponsored clips into Google’s AdSense, which means you can maybe possibly start seeing them on the side of this site’s main page? Check back next week!