Yes, yes, The Daily Show has its own irreverent cable TV "news" spin on the political conventions, but in this groovy new media world, it’s all about online video and blogs and vlogs and going low-budget, low-key, low-tech. At the first convention I covered as a reporter (Democrats, New York City, 1992), we didn’t have no Internet. Al Gore was just a vice presidential candidate, remember? Memories. Anyhow. Back to the future present. Here are two different takes from the start of this week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver. First up is Eugene Mirman, on the scene with the big online kahuna Huffington Post’s 23/6 ( team, and his first report is, well, NSFW but safe for fun-time viewing:

Will Durst, on the other hand, takes his political comedy quite seriously. So he attempts to sum up Mama Obama’s speech and spin in 60 seconds. Take a deep breath, and click!

Look for more from both Mirman and Durst over the course of the next week in Denver, then with the Republicans next week in St. Paul/Minneapolis.