Preview: HBO’s The Life & Times of Tim

Some clips have surfaced promoting the new animated comedy, The Life & Times of Tim, created by former ad man Steve Dildarian and debuting Sept. 28 on HBO. It’s set in New York City, and Tim, well, sounds a little bit like a calmer, low-key, perhaps easier to take Larry David, as the show describes him as a man who, "No matter the situation, life’s little challenges always manage to demand the most offensive solutions, which wouldn’t be such a problem if he weren’t continually caught red-handed." Let’s watch a couple of clips…first, here Tim is getting awkward with a homeless guy over spare change:

Straightforward enough. Here is a "bonus awkward moment" when Tim goes to get a physical.

But did she stay in a Holiday Inn Express? And here is a more official HBO promo clip:

So, what do you think, peoples? Nick Kroll supplies the voice of Tim’s co-worker, Stu, and Whitest Kid ringleader Trevor Moore also is listed among the voice cast. Does that change your opinion? Cheri Oteri and Edie McClurg also lend their voices, too. How about now?

Fun fact cut-and-pasted from HBO’s pages about the show: "Steve’s debut animated short film, "Angry Unpaid Hooker," was given Best Animated Short at the 2006 Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and became the basis for the The Life & Times of Tim." Only this reminds me how much I miss Aspen. Thanks, HBO.

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