Even though they’re taping from Aug. 25-29, the next round of Comedy Central Presents half-hour stand-up specials likely won’t air until 2009, if past precedents hold. That said, you can sign up now for info on free tickets to the tapings at the Hudson Theater just off Times Square in NYC.

Getting their own half-hours this year: Pete Lee, Rebecca Corry, Joe DeRosa, Brian Scolaro, Anthony Jeselnik,
Doug Benson, Kurt Metzger, Tom Rhodes, Dan Levy, Jasper Redd, Eddie
Ifft, Jamie Lissow, Greer Barnes, Tommy Johnagin, Jimmy Carr, Greg
Warren, Josh Blue, Erin Foley, Chris Porter, John Mulaney, Kristen
Schaal, Rob Stapleton, and Red Grant.

Congrats to all. Much, much more to come next month!