Day: July 30, 2008

2009 Comedy Central Presents lineups

Even though they’re taping from Aug. 25-29, the next round of Comedy Central Presents half-hour stand-up specials likely won’t air until 2009, if past precedents hold. That said, you can sign up now for info on free tickets to the tapings at the Hudson Theater just off Times Square in NYC. Getting their own half-hours this year: Pete Lee, Rebecca Corry, Joe DeRosa, Brian Scolaro, Anthony Jeselnik, Doug Benson, Kurt Metzger, Tom Rhodes, Dan Levy, Jasper Redd, Eddie Ifft, Jamie Lissow, Greer Barnes, Tommy Johnagin, Jimmy Carr, Greg Warren, Josh Blue, Erin Foley, Chris Porter, John Mulaney, Kristen Schaal, Rob Stapleton, and Red Grant. Congrats to all. Much, much more to come next...

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Carlin’s ashes spread in NYC, NH

According to his wishes, George Carlin wanted to be cremated and have his ashes dispersed by his surviving family "in accordance with their knowledge of my prejudices and philosophies regarding geography and spirituality." The Keene Sentinel in New Hampshire reported today that Carlin’s older brother, Patrick, and his daughter, Kelly, first spread some of the late comedian’s ashes in front of nightclubs Carlin performed at in his early career in New York City’s Greenwich Village, then took the rest to Camp Notre Dame, an all-boys Catholic summer camp in Spofford, N.H., that Carlin attended in his youth. “Every year that he was there, he won their drama award,” Carlin-McCall, who lives in Los Angeles, said Tuesday in a telephone interview with The Sentinel. “And one year, it was a little necklace with the comedy and tragedy masks on it. He wore that a lot. He started wearing it a lot lately, and he actually died with it on. He had always talked to me just about how important his childhood in general was to him, and that time up in camp, which was really unusual for a kid who lived in kind of Irish Harlem. It meant a lot to him to be able to get out of the city, and also to win this award, which for him was like the first affirmation he was doing something...

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Root of All Evil, season two begins tonight

Comedy Central’s Root of All Evil starts its second season tonight, with host Lewis Black and a rotating duo of comedian prosecutors arguing that (blank) is, in fact, the root of all evil. Tonight’s show features Andy Daly and Patton Oswalt debating whether ultimate fighting or blogging is more eviler. Here’s a...

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Rififi closing, again?!

Every few months, it’s time for another Rififi-is-closing scare, and so we were due for a note like this one sent out to performers from the indie comedy club’s manager (courtesy of Matt Ruby’s Sandpaper Suit): it’s quite possible that thursday will be the last day that rififi will be open, it seems that the owner of rififi has come to an impasse with the landlord… as you might have known rififi has been occupying the space on a month-by-month basis since march and the landlord is now asking for substantially more money, it’s possible that he’s playing hardball but if an agreement isn’t be reached by thursday then it will really be the last day that rififi is open. i’m sorry we didn’t have a couple of weeks to plan for this but the relationship between the landlord and the owner has always been somewhat unstable so it was hard to predict if and when the end would actually come… please be assured that all of the time and effort you put into producing your show has been greatly appreciated, if there is any change in the situation i will let you know as soon as i hear about it. UPDATED! 🙁 This time, the news appears to be legit. In fact, tonight will be the final night for Rififi, at least as we know it and love...

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Hannibal Buress: Live at Gotham (and Comix!)

Hannibal Buress helped open up for Arj Barker last weekend at Comix, and he had some great jokes about the magic of the Courier font, imagining Jesus on weed, buying white babies, and wondering whether you can have tribulations without trials, or pillaging wihout raping? Of couse, he closed with thoughts about kicking a pigeon, and Barker played into his merch plea with his own merch talk, which ended up helping them both after the show. You can tell because Hannibal is smiling in this picture with me, taken by Mindy Tucker. Either that, or I’m that funny. Could be the latter. After the jump, two clips from Hannibal’s recent turn on Live at...

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