That’s a question certain to generate some buzz, suspense, alarm and excitement this summer. Really, though, Amy Poehler has played such a large role in the success of the current cast of Saturday Night Live, and her impending departure creates a void…and who will fill it? Who could replace Poehler? Ladies, get your headshots and reels to Lorne Michaels, ASAP! Michaels already knew this was coming, as Poehler announced her pregnancy (due date: fall) right after the debut of her movie with Tina Fey, Baby Mama. So she’d have to sit out at least part of this coming season on SNL. Both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are reporting that Poehler may have a new, steady primetime gig, joining Aziz Ansari on the new not-Office-spinoff on NBC.

So who would you like to see join SNL this fall? Nominations in the comments, please!