Several weeks after the record-setting 50-hour stand-up comedy show at the Comic Strip Live in New York City, readers and comedians still have questions for me about it. So why not address that now. Especially since I just saw William Stephenson over the weekend hosting for Greg Proops at Comix, and Stephenson put forth a herculean effort himself by hosting the world record show (even if he did take two naps while comics were onstage). So. Yes. Answers. First off, yes, I was there for the entire 50 hours and stayed awake for at least 49 hours and 55 minutes (there were two moments during the second night-turns-to-morning when my eyelids closed, and I shook myself awake, then had to get up and walk around). Stephenson took two naps of 20-minutes each on a mattress in the club’s basement but otherwise was there for the duration. A few other club staffers hung around for the duration. If you really want to know, I didn’t change my clothes, but did have toothpaste, a toothbrush and deodorant to keep my vital parts from going bad. I also didn’t leave my blogging perch for the first seven hours and 15 minutes of the marathon before getting up for the bathroom or anything really, because I wanted to at least equal whatever silly record Dane Cook or Dave Chappelle had for staying onstage at one time. Red Bull was a sponsor of the event, and according to my notes, I drank seven in the first 24 hours of the marathon, spaced out fairly well (I think?), but things took a turn during that point around hour 36 when my eyes were failing me, at which point I began running around and chugging two, maybe three Red Bulls in a row. Not a good idea. After I calmed down and my body remembered how to function properly, it was mostly willpower and adrenaline to the finale.

Which also reminds me…after the jump, I’ve got a video I hadn’t posted before showing me and Stephenson on the sidewalk minutes after the big finale. Also, for the curious, since I did stay for the entire show and document it and all, I’ve got a complete timeline of comedians who took part in the record-setting show. Enjoy!

William Stephenson and I really should not be awake, nor in front of my video camera for this:

Here, then, was your lineup for the World Record 50-hour stand-up comedy show, June 3-5, 2008, at Comic Strip Live in New York City:

June 3, 8:30 p.m., William Stephenson

8:48 p.m., Gregg Rogell

9:12 p.m., Joe Matarese

9:33 p.m., Wali Collins

9:58 p.m., Chuck Nice

10:30 p.m., Judy Gold

10:56 p.m., Jeff Ross

11:48 p.m., Judah Friedlander

June 4, 12:14 a.m., Jim David

12:38 a.m., Dean Edwards

1:01 a.m., Kevin Brennan

1:25 a.m., Al Ducharme

1:51 a.m., Pat Dixon

2:18 a.m., Marina Franklin

2:42 a.m., Jon Fisch

3:05 a.m., Bernadette Pauley

3:28 a.m., Mike P. Burton

3:50 a.m., Dave Attell

4:16 a.m., Ricardo Aleman

4:39 a.m., Kevin Downey Jr.

5:02 a.m., Brian McFadden

5:24 a.m., Rachel Feinstein

5:46 a.m., Paul Mecurio

6:11 a.m., Tim Young

6:35 a.m., Jason Andors

7 a.m., Barry Weintraub

7:23 a.m., Tom Shillue

7:46 a.m., Lee Camp

8:09 a.m., Tom Ryan

8:33 a.m., Ted Alexandro

8:56 a.m., Jon Fisch

9:18 a.m., Kevin Flynn

9:41 a.m., Marina Franklin

10:04 a.m., Sherry Davey

10:26 a.m., Pete Dominick

10:48 a.m., Gina Brillon

11:10 a.m., Karen Bergreen

11:51 a.m., Dan Ahdoot

12:32 p.m., Tina Giorgi

12:55 p.m., Al Ducharme

1:18 p.m., Vinnie Brand

2:05 p.m., Christian Finnegan

2:48 p.m., Kevin Brennan

3:33 p.m., Joe DeRosa

4:04 p.m., Buddy Bolton

4:46 p.m., Marion Grodin

5:10 p.m., Bill Santiago

5:34 p.m., Karith Foster

6:19 p.m., Steven Scott

6:46 p.m., Becky Donohue

7:11 p.m., Paul Mecurio

7:37 p.m., Lisa Landry

8 p.m., Ray Ellin

8:36 p.m., Tim Young

8:58 p.m., Gary Gulman

9:22 p.m., Marina Franklin

9:46 p.m., Wali Collins

10:09 p.m., Mike Birbiglia

10:49 p.m., Jeffrey Ross

11:39 p.m., Rob Magnotti

June 5, 12:01 a.m., Chuck Nice

12:27 a.m., Ben Bailey

12:52 a.m., Sherrod Small

1:16 a.m., Tony Rock

1:40 a.m., Laurie Kilmartin

2:06 a.m., Tom Van Horn

2:28 a.m., Christian Finnegan

2:50 a.m., Mike DeStefano

3:17 a.m., Tom E.

3:43 a.m., Tom Ryan

4:06 a.m., Mike Vecchione

4:31 a.m., Erik Rivera

4:54 a.m., Jay Oakerson

5:19 a.m., Brian McFadden

5:44 a.m., Gina Brillon

6:08 a.m., Ryan Hamilton

6:32 a.m., Ray Ellin

6:55 a.m., Moody McCarthy

7:27 a.m., Al Ducharme

7:53 a.m., Tom Shillue

8:24 a.m., Carmen Lynch

8:48 a.m., Pat Dixon

9:16 a.m., Lee Camp

9:37 a.m., Dan Ahdoot

9:58 a.m., Bernadette Pauley

10:20 a.m., Ruperto Vanderpool

10:48 a.m., Tommy Savitt

11:05 a.m., Eric Deskin

11:30 a.m., Vinnie Brand

12:14 p.m., Tina Giorgi

12:39 p.m., Dan Naturman

1:01 p.m., Karen Bergreen

1:24 p.m., Tom Ryan

1:45 p.m., Erik Rivera

2:07 p.m., Gary Gulman

2:29 p.m., Marc Theobald

3:12 p.m., Mike Vecchione

3:37 p.m., Tom Van Horn

4 p.m., DF Sweedler

4:23 p.m., Angelo Lozada

4:45 p.m., Bernadette Pauley

5:08 p.m., Robert Kelly

5:40 p.m., Bill Santiago

6:05 p.m., Kerri Louise

6:28 p.m., Steven Scott

6:53 p.m., Cory Kahaney

7:16 p.m., Jim David

7:42 p.m., Erik Rivera

8:05 p.m., Eddie Brill

8:33 p.m., Christian Finnegan

8:59 p.m., Lisa Landry

9:31 p.m., Ted Alexandro

9:54 p.m., Rich Vos

10:12 p.m., Judah Friedlander

bonus comedian Greg Giraldo followed the ceremonial presentation from the Guinness World Record folks and the show finally ended at 10:50 p.m., June 5