Live at Gotham: Nate Bargatze

Nate Bargatze (from Hickory, but not the same Hickory as Jon Reep: fun fact! did you just say there is more than one Hickory? funner facter!) made his Live at Gotham debut last weekend, and here are the clips to prove it! We can even start with a clip that didn’t make it onto the TV. See:

Actual TV clips are after the jump…

Like here, when Bargatze talks about the wonders of evolution:

Or here, when he lets you in on the new parts of Madden Football. How much would you charge for a hot dog, anyhow?

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One thought on “Live at Gotham: Nate Bargatze

  1. Nate is from Old Hickory, Tennessee (as in, “our seventh President Andrew Jackson was ‘tough as old hickory’ wood on the battlefield”) which is just outside of Nashville.

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