C-Spot Season 2 on Crackle

If you had bet me a nickel that Crackle would be around longer than Super Deluxe, well, then, you would have yourself one of my nickels, and it still wouldn’t make any cents to me (homonym alert!) that Turner would drop the ball on SD. At least Sony keeps on plugging away with Crackle and its original programming channel, C-Spot. A second 10-week "season" of shows began rolling out this week.

Owen Benjamin returns, but this time he’s not stuck in Gaytown. The Roadents also return with new improvised animated shorts. The full lineup: The Rascal (Mondays), That Guy (Tuesdays), Owen Benjamin Presents (Wednesdays), The Roadents (Thursdays), Comedy Gumbo (Fridays), and Mr. Justice and the Powerful Girl (weekends). From what I’ve already seen so far, Mr. Justice and the Powerful Girl show us what superheroes would be like if they weren’t quite super but wore their costumes all the time and lived among us. Comedy Gumbo prefers quick hits and ad parodies (how’d you like to see a 2-second impersonation of Dane Cook? you gets one here). Jay Rondot is The Rascal in a thriller of sorts (hint: not the Michael Jackson version). That Guy…I’m reminded that John Heffron and his buddy once sold a card game called That Guy…this is not that. This is some other guy. Moving on. Let’s get back to Mr. Benjamin, who provides us with a little ditty about online chat etiquette, or chatiquette. Enjoy.

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