Mary Mack on Last Comic Standing

Hooray for Hulu, because NBC has posted some of the comedians from Last Comic Standing completely unedited, which means not only do we get to enjoy Mary Mack‘s showcase performance, but we also get to see and hear Mack talk about some weirdness that apparently happened during the showcase. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Mary Mack on Last Comic Standing

  1. It’s been done! I agree! I could not rememeber Maria’s name but I KNEW someone had to have posted something because it is really quite obvious.

  2. Actually she is quite different. Maria Bamford tells stories through her voice and uses DIFFERENT voices, Mary Mack though they sound the same she tells jokes differently and uses music alot in her shows.

  3. She’s relatively new and just heavily influenced by MB. This is what happens when comic’s get too much publicity before they’re ready. She hasn’t found her own “voice” yet.

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