Tony Rock, last seen early Thursday morning entertaining Comic Strip Live patrons during the club’s world record marathon show, got some good news of his own over the weekend, as MyNetworkTV announced it had placed "The Tony Rock Project" on its fall 2008 schedule. It’ll air at 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays. In the New York area, that’s Ch. 9 WWOR. It’s not a sitcom, per se, but rather a Rock-about-town kind of show, as Tony (Chris Rock is his older brother) examines regular people in their natural habitat, or something like that. We need a PR-ready quote! "Tony’s charming personality, quick-witted comedy and cutting-edge
social commentary makes the program a perfect addition to our
Wednesday night comedy block," MyNet president Greg Meidel
said. This same network also gave Flavor Flav a sitcom. FYI. (THR)