The final hours of the 50-hour "world record" continuous stand-up comedy show continue to tick and tock along fairly smoothly. Several comedians have returned for repeat performances, while new audience members have begun arriving in the past half-hour. We’ve made it 43 hours so far, which leaves seven to go. Although there’s talk the show might make it to hour 51.

I’m restless, and head out to the sidewalk for some fresh air, sunshine and people watching. Among my own delirious discoveries while standing on Second Avenue in the Upper East Side: Our national "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy is misplaced. It should not be enforced for gays in the military, but instead put into place for young women. Especially now that we’re in summer fashion season. We won’t ask. You don’t have to tell. No one’s hurt. Am I right…ladies? Where’s Gossip Girl when I need her to weigh in on this? XOXO