Mike Birbiglia goes onstage and immediately fills the audience in on my presence liveblogging the event. The lights go up. A couple of hundred heads swivel my way. "So what’s been the highlight so far?" Birbiglia asks me. Pause. "Well, I guess this would have to be the highlight," I reply.

Birbiglia transitions from his own blogging experience to Obama to cable news. Then he pauses. "You’re feeling me on the humor portion of my program," he observes. Not so much his monologues. "We don’t want to hear a human being speaking," he figures they’re thinking. "We want to hear rapid-fire jokes, and we want to hear them now." Jokes ensue.

We’re closing in on 26 hours of nonstop comedy, which leaves us exactly one full day to reach the finish line. What will turn out to be the ultimate highlight of this show?