Day: June 4, 2008

Comic Strip Marathon: Post #28 Midnight mass exodus

Within the past 15 minutes, seemingly half of the capacity crowd has made their moves for the exits, following Jeffrey Ross toward the door at the end of his 50-minute set. I happen to be in the lobby when this happens, having filmed a short improvised riff with Rory Albanese and Mike Birbiglia, followed by a two-camera interview with Marina Franklin. Franklin performed three sets here today, one in the early morning, another in the afternoon, then finally a sweet set in the 9 o’clock evening hour. But Franklin wanted to get me on camera to capture how I look and act after staying awake for the past 38 hours. I’m punch drunk on a combination of Red Bull, adrenaline and willpower. Sitting here at the computer is a lot easier to handle than walking and talking, it seems. No. It doesn’t seem. It is that way. Is it Thursday yet? Almost....

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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #27 The highlight so far?

Mike Birbiglia goes onstage and immediately fills the audience in on my presence liveblogging the event. The lights go up. A couple of hundred heads swivel my way. "So what’s been the highlight so far?" Birbiglia asks me. Pause. "Well, I guess this would have to be the highlight," I reply. Birbiglia transitions from his own blogging experience to Obama to cable news. Then he pauses. "You’re feeling me on the humor portion of my program," he observes. Not so much his monologues. "We don’t want to hear a human being speaking," he figures they’re thinking. "We want to hear rapid-fire jokes, and we want to hear them now." Jokes ensue. We’re closing in on 26 hours of nonstop comedy, which leaves us exactly one full day to reach the finish line. What will turn out to be the ultimate highlight of this...

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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #26 Recording our set for next time

Gary Gulman opened with a quick quip about wanting "to set the record for beards of bees" before setting down his recording device on the stool onstage. "But first, I’m going to record this, so you can see where you can do better…because you might mail it in," Gulman said, referring in fact to the audience. "And when you come back at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow you can know how to be better." Kudos to the big guy, also, for successfully using the word "irascible" in a punchline. About The Mary Tyler Moore Show,...

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Comic Strip Marathon: Post #25 25th hour

I now have watched 24 hours of continuous stand-up comedy without napping, dozing or otherwise passing out from exhaustion. Our host, William Stephenson, has just told the audience that this not only will be a record-setting show, but also "the best f#%&ing comedy show in the history of the universe." Methinks our host needs sleep even more than I do. Or we better have an incredible 26 hours in our...

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Comics Unleashed gets two more years

Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, the late-night half-hour chat show for comedians that features the least actual chat of any TV show I know, will get two more seasons — or 260 episodes — to blatantly promote stand-up comedians. Which is ultimately still a good thing. Right? The series already has produced 131 episodes with a total of 337 comedians. (B&C) Are your feelings on this show and its benefits for comedy as split as they are about Last Comic Standing? Or do you harbor more love/hate for Allen’s...

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