Comic Strip Marathon: Post #4 Hour 3 of 50

Judy Gold gets dismayed by all of the foreigners in the crowd, but only because it’s making her work harder for her crowd work. She plows through nevertheless. Gold tells a joke about seeing an Asian baby…with Asian parents…as comedian Esther Ku (as seen on this year’s Last Comic Standing) approaches my corner. Kismet! Two brothers sit down and please Gold by telling her they’re from Short Hills, NJ. They please me when they say they heard about this show from Time Out magazine. Bing bong!

Stephenson vows to host the entire 50 hours. Will we both make it for the duration?

Jeffrey Ross is taping an hourlong Comedy Central special this Saturday at The Borgata in Atlantic City (and my friends at Comedy Central Insider inform us that you can save $15 online by using the promo code ROASTMASTER), so he’ll be ready to shoulder the load for a while as we approach the three-hour mark in this adventure. He opens with a solid zinger. "How about a hand for all of the comedians who won’t be showing up…Chris Rock (audience laughs)…Jerry Seinfeld (more laughs)." But he hits a roadblock trying to engage the Guinness record watcher/verifier in the audience. Instead, the Guinness guy says, "On with the show!" To which Ross replies, "OK, well I guess I’ll just f$%& myself, then." He does, however, get on with the show.

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