Last Comic Driving: Andrew Norelli

If you watched the debut of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, then you also saw a curious contest within the contest called Last Comic Driving, in which 10 stand-up comedians who didn’t get picked for the show somehow (selection process not explained therein) got to compete for $10,000 cash and a new Honda Pilot  (you can win the Honda Pilot) by telling jokes from the passenger seat of a Pilot (how’s that for product placement?). The British lady Fearne Cotton does the actual (or simulated) driving. No idea how you get picked to be a hostage, er, I mean, back seat comedy audience member, nor how much they paid those folks (actors) to act nice for the cameras. This sounds horrible, and logistically, if you’re in the back seat, trying to listen to someone talking in the front is horribler, which may not even be a word. At least they edit it so it’s not horriblest. You’re supposed to be able to rate each comedian online if you want to enter the contest for the car. First up, Andrew Norelli.

There’s an extra clip on Hulu, included after the jump. Do you think NBC actually used his best jokes on TV, or online? I think NBC chose wisely.

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