Reality Bites Back: This summer’s other comedian competition

Only one day before the debut of season six of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, but right now, somewhere in this country (most likely Southern California), several comedians are competing in a spoof of all of the other "reality" TV shows. It’s tentatively called Reality Bites Back, coming to Comedy Central on July 17 (same night as the return of The Gong Show with Dave Attell). It’s a real competition modeled after parodies of actual "reality" TV contests. As the show’s initial online home
says, it’ll include competitions such as "Are You Smarter Than A
Monkey?," "So You Think You Can Dive!," "Almost American Gladiators"
and "The Amazing Disgrace."

Michael Ian Black is hosting. Competitors include Donnell Rawlings, Kyle Cease and Theo Von. Von, as you may recall, first came to our collective attention on MTV’s The Real World.

More importantly, though, there are seven other comedians taking part in this show. Do you know anyone competing? Please tell us!

UPDATED: You can see who’s in it from this preview clip.

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3 thoughts on “Reality Bites Back: This summer’s other comedian competition

  1. I only knew about Cease. But I think Von was frmo Road Rules and I only think that because I am a nerd and have no life so please take that with a grain of salt.

  2. My brother, Chris Fairbanks is on the show. His comedy is more dry and understated, but he got a lot of air last week (episode 2). I find him absolutely adorable and fantastic, but then, he’s my baby brother. He can be found on

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